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What kind of minds would you like in your organisation?

In a fast-paced world filled with distractions, deadlines and demands, the ability to manage our own minds is absolutely critical to effectively perform, lead, connect, inspire and deliver.

BlueSkyMinds provides science-based mindfulness programmes that are proven to reduce distraction, stress, and increase productivity and focus, delivering sustainable change to individuals and organisations.

Intro Sessions

Want to get your people curious about the science of mindfulness? Perhaps debunk some of those myths and showcase the neuroscience and evidence base? Allow us to bring mindfulness to your business with these short, interactive, practical team sessions.

High Performing Minds

If you are serious about sustainable change then this is the mindfulness programme for you. Core concepts are delivered over an eight-week timeframe ensuring maximum impact on performance and wellbeing.


We will consult with you to design and deliver programmes, based on the gold standard in mindfulness training, that are tailored to your unique business needs.


Need help building a mindful culture? We are experts at training internal champions, building internal resources and inspiring teams at conferences and speaking events.


We believe that successful programmes are delivered by facilitators who have undergone a rigorous teaching training pathway. Our trainers have all completed the 12-month globally recognised mindfulness teacher training pathway through MTI Australia.


Not only do we have years of business experience, but we make sure our programmes are tailored to suit your outcomes and culture, and deliver measurable benefits in fast paced, complex business environments.


Our programmes adhere to the global mindfulness teaching standards (MBI:TAC), and are based on well-tested and researched mindfulness training methodology. We don’t stray too far from what we know has been proven to work.


Short courses are a great introduction, but most experts agree that it takes weeks to instill behavioural, emotional and neurological changes – a key consideration if you want to embed lasting change.

Who we're working with

What does the science say?

Mindfulness training is rapidly becoming a popular and effective tool for organisations to improve the performance of their people and the business.

Current research indicates that Mindfulness improves attention, awareness, productivity, creativity and clarity.

Implementation Strategies

There is no denying the many benefits that mindfulness can have for employees and an organisation as a whole, but how do you get started with a mindfulness programme?

Mindful Leadership

Mindful leadership has a significant influence on employee engagement and job performance. Having a sustained focus and powerful presence enables leaders to reach their full potential.

Coping with our Overactive Panic Button

Our primal instinct protecting us from life-threatening situations keeps us on a constant simmer of heightened alertness even in everyday life. Being able to mindfully turn off our reactivity to this stream of perceived threats gives us the ability to respond more skilfully.

Proven results

We have worked with organisations such as Southern Cross, Xero, AUT, Coca Cola Amatil, Online Republic, NIWA, L'Oreal and others to educate, inspire and deliver results using the science of mindfulness.

"The content was really engaging and explained in a way that was relevant and interesting. We were also given quick and long practices that we can do in a range of different situations." - Zach Ferris, Outbound Sales Manager, Coca-Cola Amatil

Optimising Personal Productivity 19%
Ability to Respond Clearly and Constructively Under Pressure 25%
Attentiveness in Meetings, Conference Calls and Presentations 26%
Self Reported Stress Reduction 29%

Results from recent pre and post programme self report data

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