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It’s time to ditch the ineffective wellness tactics...

If you, like us, believe wellbeing is a strategic advantage, we’ll help you deliver on your organisation’s people strategy through science-based solutions for healthy minds and high performance.

Progressive organisations are looking to do something more meaningful with their budget and provide their people with positive, empowering and preventative mental health solutions that sustainably drive wellbeing and performance for years to come.

Engage your team with short powerful seminars

We offer a range of short engaging seminars designed to be interactive, informative and practical, and draw on the latest scientific evidence and research. These 30-60-minute sessions can be included as part of your wellbeing programme, offsite team days, company conferences, “lunch and learn” style sessions or part of your leadership/graduate programme.

Train your people through transformational 4-8 week programmes

The truth is, though most of us busy humans do not like to admit it, real change takes time! It can take weeks for new cognitive, emotional, neurological and behavioural changes to stick. That’s why we offer programmes such as High Performing Minds and M.A.T (Mindful Attention Training) in bite-sized chunks over a longer timeframe.

Keynote and Public Speaking Services

Debbie has extensive keynote and public speaking experience and with our network of experienced public speakers, we can work closely with you to ensure we share meaningful content that is impactful, inspiring and aligned to your business and industry at your next corporate event.

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Embed positive change in your culture by building internal capability

We help you build internal capability by offering Train the Trainer Programmes for a range of our seminars and four week programmes. We also offer specialised consulting services to help your people build and deliver world-class wellbeing strategies.


Working as an organisational learning and development consultant in the executive space for 20 years, BlueSkyMinds Founder Debbie Schultz could see people getting busier and more distracted. It was becoming harder to see meaningful change through the programmes and training being delivered.

Our lives aren’t being made better by countless productivity talks, time hacks and life hacks; businesses need to empower people to better understand and manage their minds.

BlueSkyMinds brings businesses a new – and better – way, equipping people with solutions that support healthy minds alongside high performance and that achieve truly transformational and personal change.

Through tailored solutions and focused problem-solving, we help those who see wellbeing as a strategic advantage to do something meaningful with their wellbeing budgets. The work we do is science-based, evidence-backed, and performance-driven.

Expert Facilitators

Not only are our facilitators regarded as experts in their field, they have decades of real-world business and facilitation experience across multiple countries and industries.


Our programmes are tailored to suit your organisational needs and culture, and deliver measurable benefits in fast paced, complex business environments.


The work we do is science-based, evidence-backed, and performance-driven. Our transformational High Performing Minds Programme is based on a curriculum developed by Oxford (MBCT) and UMass Universities (MBSR).


We rigorously measure the success of our programmes using globally recognised metrics. That means we can give you data driven results on productivity, personal resilience, self reported stress and wellbeing at the end of every programme.


We approach wellness from a strategic, performance-driven lens. We carefully measure the impact of our programmes to ensure ongoing positive change for our clients.

Recent Programme Results

Reduction in self perceived stress
Increase in resilience
Increase in ability to optimise productivity
Decrease in questions relating to mind wandering
Reported decrease in mind wandering, reported increase in mindful attention



"This strategy has been a real game changer for Xero"

Hear Ryan Ghisi, GM of Global People Programmes, talk about the impact of our sustained science based mindfulness strategy on their Xero people and business. Over 450 employees have been through the High Performing Minds programme at Xero, as well as being a finalist for several awards.

We have partnered with BlueSkyMinds since 2018 to offer ongoing eight-week programmes to our employees at AUT. The results from the workshops to date have been very encouraging. We have seen an average of 20% reduction in self-reported stress, and a 15% increase in resilience, as well as a 42% increase in personal productivity as reported by the groups before and after each of our last two programmes.
Kate Birch, Director of Talent & Culture
The team at BSM did a wonderful job explaining the neuroscience, and helping us in understanding how having a healthy mind can support wellbeing and performance at work. They also gave us a lot of practical takeaways to immediately implement at both work and home. Thank you for making these seminars such a success!
Charlotte Smith, Health, Safety & Wellbeing Partner
Southern Cross Health Society
We partnered with BlueSkyMinds to develop a High Performing Minds programme and since then we’ve continued to develop our Healthy Minds strategy with the team. It has been a real game changer for Xero and we’re continuing to work on embedding wellbeing practices into our culture, so it becomes part of who we are and what we’re about.
Ryan Ghisi, General Manager of Global People Programmes

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