We know that forward-thinking businesses are looking for better, more effective ways to help their people manage their mental wellbeing and performance at work. Through tailored solutions and focused problem-solving - and with a focus on evidence-based solutions - BlueSkyMinds helps people increase resilience and reduce stress. The result is better leadership, higher productivity, and healthier working relationships. If you, like us, see wellbeing as a strategic advantage, and you want to deliver on your people-based strategy in a science-backed and measurable way, let's talk.

We have a team of passionate consultants and facilitators nationwide as well as aligned partners around the world. This allows us to deliver a global consistent offering across your international workforce.

Not only are our facilitators experts in their field delivering globally recognised evidence-based content, they do it in a way that aligns to your business and culture and delivers measurable benefits in constantly changing, complex business environments.


Have you ever felt like you were living two lives; there’s the perfect and polished picture you put out there, and then the hidden part that’s silently suffering? If so, then maybe you can relate to my story.

After 20 years working as an organisational learning and development consultant in the executive space, I saw people getting busier, more distracted, and less focused in their roles. I knew there was a better solution, which was why I founded BlueSkyMinds – to help support healthier minds and facilitate meaningful transformation for people and organisations.

At the same time, I was cracking too. My personal life was imploding with increased stress and trauma from past catastrophic events sending me into a tailspin. I was under immense pressure but continued to battle on until a firm intervention from my family set me on a completely new and transformational path.

BlueSkyMinds was born out of my deep desire to stop people burying their potential in busyness, and learn how to best manage their minds to optimise performance and wellbeing.

My vision is to help progressive organisations deliver positive, empowering and preventative science-based solutions that fundamentally shift the way people think, work and live.

Tracey Winstone
Programme and Operations Lead
Tracey Winstone

Tracey is our Programme and Operations Lead, responsible for managing our training programme and the successful delivery of a wide portfolio of projects across BlueSkyMinds.

Prior to joining BlueSkyMinds she worked as a senior leader within the financial services sector where she was responsible for establishing and managing international teams of software professionals.

Tracey has extensive experience in stakeholder management and a passion for developing talent with experience as a mentor, workshop lead and coach within the corporate sector.

Tracey holds a degree in Commerce with a background in Operations Management from The University of Auckland.


Betsy is an organisation development consultant and facilitator who specialises in mental wellbeing training and coaching. Her emphasis is on sharing science based practices that develop self-awareness and focus, cultivate resilience and wellbeing, and enhance relationships.

She runs regular courses for the general public as well as offering in-house programmes for organisations.

Betsy’s approach is informed by ongoing advances in neuroscience, the field of positive psychology, and strengths-based methodologies such as Appreciative Inquiry. She combines this knowledge with her experience facilitating leadership development, team building and strategic planning workshops, to offer training that engage and inspire participants to bring out the best in themselves and others.

Betsy is a registered Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Trainer through the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australia and New Zealand.


Eve has studied psychology to honours level, with a particular focus on mindfulness. Her research into mindfulness has been published in the Mindfulness academic journal.

She trained to teach mindfulness with MTI (Mindfulness Training Institute: Australia-New Zealand) over a two-year period, culminating in registration. This training meets the exacting standards required by the leading centre of MBSR teaching (University of Massachusetts).

She has personally practiced mindfulness for 10 years and is committed to excellence in her teaching and takes part in ongoing professional development and has regular supervision from a senior teacher (and mental health professional). She is a trained telephone counsellor for Lifeline and served for over two years.

Eve also understands the world of work, having run her own business for many years in the customer services industry, she also has years of experience as a people leader working in-house in the logistics industry.


Julia is an experienced facilitator with 20+ years working in the people and culture space.

She has worked across both private and public sector organisations delivering and facilitating leadership programmes, resilience workshops and culture change projects.

Julia takes an intuitive holistic approach in understanding the dynamics of people and how these translate to successful business solutions through strategy and culture alignment.

By weaving together curiosity and exploration, she supports individuals and teams to find the connection between performance and wellbeing.

Her vision is that mindful practices become the ‘norm’ in workplaces and is passionate about sharing knowledge to inspire, bring out the best in people and turn this vision into reality.

Julia holds a Post Graduate Diploma in HR, is an approved Let’s Talk Resilience Facilitator, a certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator practitioner, Change Management Practitioner and an Embodied Flow Inspired Yoga Teacher.

She is currently working towards becoming a registered MBSR Mindfulness teacher through Mindfulness Training Institute (MTI).

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