Mindful Leadership

Imagine a meeting where everyone was fully attentive to the topic at hand. Nobody is checking their phone under the table, nobody is thinking about their next meeting, nobody is dwelling on some other project or conversation. Imagine how much more efficient and effective that meeting might be if everyone was actually paying attention. In[…]

Implementation Strategies

Mindfulness training has the potential to have a significant impact on the wellbeing and performance of your people and of your organisation as a whole, and businesses large and small and from all different industries are seeing a significant return on investment after implementing mindfulness programmes. The overall success of a programme, however, will depend[…]

The Case for Mindfulness at work

As published on the University of Auckland Business School website, 16th May 2017. Silicon Valley’s enthusiastic embrace of mindfulness might be dismissed as a wayward indulgence, but when sober corporates including US health insurance giant Aetna, and German IT heavyweight SAP adopt the practice, it is harder to ignore. Even governments have started paying attention[…]