"Managing our Minds" Intro to Mindfulness sessions for Southern Cross

April 2019.

It was a pleasure to support Southern Cross recently by running a series of one-hour, super practical “Managing our Minds” Intro to Mindfulness sessions for employees across NZ.

How mindfulness can help your people to lead and inspire

How mindfulness can help your people to lead and inspire

Your day is a blur of emails and meetings. You grab lunch on the run and don’t have time for the gym. Your To Do list continues to grow. Sound familiar? Now imagine a whole team of people operating like this, or a whole business, and ask yourself ‘are these the kinds of minds I want in my organisation’? This is the question Debbie Schultz asked the room at Southern Cross’ recent Wellbeing Now conference in Auckland. Watch the full video here.We now know that brains can rewire and change if we train our minds as we train our bodies. We need to take conscious control of our own minds so we’re no longer at the mercy of what’s going on around us.

Supporting workplace Wellbeing with Southern Cross and Olympian Lisa Carrington

Supporting workplace Wellbeing with Southern Cross and Olympian Lisa Carrington

We were very proud and honoured to partner with Southern Cross Health Society and Olympian Lisa Carrington to offer a mindfulness programme as part of a wellbeing makeover to the Online Republic team in November. BlueSkyMinds offered a five week evidence-based mindfulness programme to support the wellbeing makeover. The programme is based on the mindfulness curriculum created by the University of Massachusetts, and has been customised to suit busy work environments. It’s a highly experiential and practical programme allowing the group to engage with mindfulness from the ‘inside out’ to create sustainable change for themselves and the wider organisation. Preliminary results have indicated a reduction in absenteeism, and an increase in focus and productivity. Have a look at the TVNZ Seven Sharp segment that covered the Month of Wellness.

What is Mindfulness

(8m32) In this short video, Debbie explains how mindfulness can make us more resilient and effective in an increasingly demanding world.

Getting on top of overload

In this article, published on the New Zealand Herald, Debbie describes the impact that constantly being busy has on our brains. “Learning to manage our minds is a skill that we can develop over time, making us more productive, creative, happier, less stressed, and yes – less busy.

The Science of Mindfulness

(53m05) In this video we look at “The science of mindfulness: Changing people and organisations from the inside out”. Debbie shares the scientific basis for mindfulness and describes how global organisations are using mindfulness to increase the happiness and success of their people and ultimately the success of the organisation. This was a filmed presentation to 170 Auckland University Business School alumni.

The case for mindfulness at work

In this article, originally published on the University of Auckland Business School website, Debbie describes the many benefits that mindfulness practices can bring to employees, teams and organisations. “Mindfulness… has been shown to improve work relationships, performance, and creativity.

What’s distraction costing your career?

In this article in the NZ Herald, Debbie explains how the many distractions we encounter on a daily basis could be damaging our relationships, our happiness and our ability to be successful at work.